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Gentlemen, unfortunately, you have no choice. You either care for your prostate or suffer the consequences.

And you're not the only one! Beyond the age of 50, 2 out of 3 men suffer from urinary disorders related to an enlarged prostate gland. This leads to some very unpleasant symptoms: wearing urinary protection, night waking, pain, fatigue, loss of self-confidence...

A natural solution exists! It is PROSTA-RÉNOV, a quick treatment to become a confident, energetic and powerful man again!

It is inevitable that as we age, we will experience prostate swelling.



Hair turns grey, wrinkles appear... Some signs of aging that can have their charm. But at the same time with age other, less flattering signs are emerging. This is the case with the prostate, which, after 45 years of age, begins to grow. This age-related phenomenon is entirely natural and unfortunately inevitable if you do nothing. It is essential to respond because prostate enlargement causes many disorders to the genital system and ruins the daily life of all who have taken this problem lightly. After 40, the prostate is the gland that needs the highest care to avoid diseases, genes, various symptoms and maintain its normal functioning.



Your urge to urinate turns your life into a nightmare. Sir, it's high time you react!

Waking up several times a night, going to the toilet all the time, carrying heavy loads and not being able to restrain yourself, suffering from repeated inflammation… or why wear urine protection... This is what you experience every day if your prostate is too swollen. It is unbearable, and your life is strongly impacted.

All these inconveniences wear you out and make you feel down. So, gentlemen, it's high time you react! That is why we present to you today, PROSTA-RÉNOV, the treatment that you need, and the only one that is natural, effective and fast to solve these urinary problems once and for all.

Your prostate grows bigger every day. High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol are aggravating factors.

An increase in the glandular tissue is inevitable.

The prostate which normally has the size of a nut can grow to the size of an orange or even larger. This phenomenon is due to hormonal changes associated with aging. The consequences can be dangerous on the urinary system.

The more dysfunctions there are, the bigger the prostate gets.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, your prostate will get even bigger because in addition to natural aging, all these disorders affect it. This will make your urinary problems more serious.

Be vigilant, the size of your waist should serve as an indicator!

If you have a little bit of fat on your stomach, it causes insulin resistance. Insulin increases in the blood and it is a prostate growth factor, so your prostate grows. There is therefore a relationship between waist size and prostate size. So, if you are overweight, you need to be more vigilant! PROSTA-RÉNOV will help you stop the enlargement of your prostate quickly and efficiently.


PROSTA-RÉNOV, is the solution to quickly get rid of all these problems that ruin your life. The treatment is fast, painless and natural; it reduces the size of your prostate in a few days! You don't have to choose between the end of urinary problems and a restored vitality!

✔️Decrease in size of the prostate gland

✔️Improved bloodflow to the genital organs

✔️Elimination of toxic waste

✔️Proper functioning of the bladder

✔️Restored vitality and strength


Unwanted awakenings throughout the night, burning sensation, incomplete urination, you can't take it anymore…

When the prostate increases in size, it compresses the urethra, and the urinary stream weakens. The bladder has to work harder to empty the urine it contains.
All these inconveniences wear you out and make you feel down. So, gentlemen, it's high time you react! That is why we present to you today, PROSTA-RÉNOV, the treatment that you need, and the only one that is natural, effective and fast to solve these urinary problems once and for all.

As a result:
✔ You feel like you have an urge to urinate
✔ You are making efforts to hold back
✔ You urinate several times
✔ Drops continue to flow after urination
✔ You have uncontrollable bladder weakness
✔ Nighttime urges cause you to wake repeatedly

But what actually happens when the prostate gland enlarges?

Pay attention to the risk of infection and inflammation of the bladder.

Because of an enlarged prostate, your bladder no longer empties completely. And it becomes inflamed. The same goes for your prostate, which can become infected due to its change in size. This results in pain, discomfort and burning when you urinate.

PROSTA-RÉNOV protects you from all these risks and allows you to maintain a perfectly healthy genital organ!


Your urinary tract narrows considerably, it is impossible for you to empty your bladder.

When your prostate is too large, it compresses the urethra, which prevents urine from passing out normally. The bladder can no longer empty itself, the urinary stream weakens. You constantly feel the need to urinate but very little liquid comes out.

The bladder no longer empties completely, and bacteria grow and multiply in stagnant urine. In addition, the walls of the bladder thicken. This results in inflammation, pain and discomfort.

The prostate compresses the urethra.

As a result, it hurst while urinating, plus the urine stream loses its strength. It is therefore very difficult to urinate. Multiple symptoms appear.

Your situation is not unique! In the UK, more than 2 million men like you have urinary issues.

Stay away from unnecessary biopsies.
Prostate biopsy, which aims to remove gland fragments, is an invasive procedure that can cause multiple complications. Before it comes to that, and for your safety, try PROSTA-RÉNOV

Here's what you'll go through
In case of a problem, you will be offered a rectal exam to check the size of your prostate. It's embarrassing! While with PROSTA-RÉNOV!, everything will be much easier. Make the right choice!

What results exactly ??
You will have a series of unpleasant tests for an obvious diagnosis: your prostate has grown! With PROSTA-RÉNOV, it will be much faster and, above all, painless. You treat your prostate in just six days without any discomfort and without wasting time.

... When every drop becomes a torment!

Is every time you want to urinate unbearable? Yes, because your enlarged prostate, you urinary stream is weakened and this makes you urinate several times. The pain can be physical and mental because urine never stops as drops continue to flow. The same when carrying heavy loads, it is impossible to hold back. Not to mention the unceasing problems or insomnia you have to endure because of your pressing urges.

Is that a reason to accept anything and everything?

Today, you no longer have to endure embarrassing procedures. A natural and clinically proven solution exists.

Ablations, injections, probes, and alpha blockers… are some of the solutions proposed to solve urinary problems. They can have serious consequences. But today you are no longer obliged to go through them. PROSTA-RÉNOV is a natural and effective treatment that will gently solve all your urinary problems.

The 3 phases that will completely restore your urinary system

PROSTA-RÉNOV is a complete treatment that deeply repairs the urinary system. Its three combined beneficial actions help to restore your urinary system in a minimum of time.


Stop looking for the cause of your urinary problems!
It is your prostate that has grown and compressed the urinary tract. This phenomenon is one of the effects of aging. With PROSTA-RÉNOV, it is quite possible to remedy this. Thanks to your treatment, your prostate will shrink, reducing in size.
You can easily eliminate urine.


prostarenov When the prostate returns to its original size, the urethra is finally released! It no longer suffers from pressure and can finally let the urine pass normally. You no longer have any discomfort or pain at all. Your desire to use the toilet is controlled, which gives you complete peace of mind.


Through a chain reaction, all organs regain their proper functioning. The normal sized prostate no longer compresses the urethra and thus allows the bladder to fill and empty itself properly. Your bladder restores itself and empties completely with each urination: it performs its role in the elimination of waste.

Here's what will happen in just a few weeks!! Prosta-Rénov:

✔️ Decreases the prostate size

✔️ Eliminates burning

✔️ Protects the bladder from bacteria

✔️ Improves self-confidence

✔️ Improves blood flow to the genital organs

✔️ Restores the vitality


Do I really need the PROSTA-RÉNOV treatment?
Discover now the 7 questions that will allow you
to determine the size of your prostate


Yes, in a few weeks, you can regain urinary comfort and serenity! With PROSTA-RÉNOV, you will see the difference, day after day, until the symptoms ruining your life have disappeared completely. Your entire urinary system is repaired and regains excellent functioning day after day!!

prostarenov prostarenov
Guarantees your URINARY COMFORT

Night awakenings, bladder weakness, pain or abnormal urination will be a thing of the past after a PROSTA-RÉNOV cure! You will have a calm, confident life again without fear of going to the toilet. The urinary stream regains its intensity, your bladder is emptied well at regular intervals.... The result: you spend relaxed days and quiet nights without untimely waking. PROSTA-RÉNOV is the natural treatment that allows you to regain urinary comfort in a few weeks!

It took years to find an ideal solution to your urinary disorders.

Today we present you a successful and effective universal treatment for male urinary problems. It took years to achieve this perfection! It's simple, PROSTA-RÉNOV is a 100% natural and 100% effective treatment that restores your entire urinary system in the blink of an eye. In a few weeks, you'll say good bye to your bladder problems!


Promotes the complete emptying of your bladder everytime you urinate

Male urinary problems are always associated with an increase in prostate size. When the prostate is enlarged, it compresses the urethra, the channel through which the urine must pass. That's all it takes is for your urination to become uncontrolled and ruin your life. This is no longer the case with PROSTA-RÉNOV because your bladder can empty completely each time you pass urine. You regain control and no longer suffer from unwanted urges, infections or leaks caused by an overfull bladder.


"I would wake up 7 times a night!" Just after I celebrated my 59th birthday, my life became hell. In a short time, I came to experience urinary problems. At first, it was only temporary, but as the days went by, the situation deteriorated. I couldn't control my urges anymore. At night, it was even worse. I have had to get up seven times in my sleep. And in the morning, I was very tired, but my bladder wasn't empty either. In short, it couldn't go on; it was unbearable!
I even consulted a urologist but his treatment didn't have much effect. I went to the toilet a little less, but I still had abdominal pain and felt weak. I was at a dead end.
It was one of my friends, a retired general practitioner, who advised me of PROSTA-RÉNOV. According to him, it was an extraordinary treatment, the most effective and quickest that can be found. He was right about that.
Thanks to PROSTA-RÉNOV, I have regained all my freedom and my energy! I now have a peaceful life without any urinary problems! My bladder is working perfectly well, I go to the toilet when the need arises, I have complete control over my urge to urinate. I have put all the urinary protection I had bought in the trash. It's all in the past now! Before, every time I carried a heavy load, I felt like I was making a few drops of urine.
Now I wear what I want, no need to worry. My entire urinary system is in perfect working condition. No more sleepless nights and uncomfortable wakes. PROSTA RENOV has really changed my life. It'll change yours!"



23 years of observation of existing prostatic treatments has made it possible to select the best of each treatment and to eliminate the least effective ingredients

PROSTA-RÉNOV is a selection of the BEST ingredients! Ingredients that are found in a highly concentrated form! It's a careful selection based on extensive research that has lasted 23 years! Yes, it took all this time to find an effective, reliable and safe solution that solves all your prostate problems in just a few weeks.

Time was needed to carry out all the necessary clinical test and experiments to develop the best treatment to ensure good physical health and peace of mind. PROSTA-RÉNOV has a "BOOSTING" effect, that is, it accelerates and increases the therapeutic effect! That's why PROSTA-RÉNOV is recognized as the best male prostatic natural treatments.

Read this next section carefully, You will understand all the secrets behind its success.

Here are the 7 ingredients that have proven to be efficient

prostarenov Nettle root

Nettle root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to prevent the growth of prostate tissue. It contains, among other things, sterols, which somehow cleanse the entire genital organs. They will rid the prostate of its toxins, which have multiplied during its abnormal growth.

Helps eradicate prostate toxins and restore blood circulation in the prostate gland and penis

The flavonoids, caffeic acid and terpenes contained in nettle root have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. They maintain the vessels and dilute the blood, which ensures good irrigation of the prostate gland, particularly by promoting vitality.

prostarenov Dwarf palm

With age, the 5 alpha reductase enzyme converts the male hormone, testosterone, into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This creates a hormonal imbalance. DHT invades the prostate gland in very high concentrations; as a result the prostate increases in size.

Helps fight against the action of the alpha reductase enzyme, responsible for prostate enlargement

The active ingredients contained in saw palmetto block the action of 5 alpha reductase. The DHT level decreases, the testosterone level increases and consequently allows a significant decrease in the size of the prostate gland. It is the same hormonal action, the blocking of 5 alpha reductase, that stops hair loss.

prostarenov Tomato lycopene

Lycopene is the red pigment found in tomatoes It is the most powerful antioxidant in the carotenoid family. It passes through all the tissues of the body where it can play its role as an antioxidant. Prostate cells are thus protected from age related effects, especially oxidative stress that causes disease.

Helps prevent prostate cancer by fighting against sources of degeneration

Lycopene is used in the prevention and natural treatment of prostate cancer. It also plays a major role in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders by limiting the bad cholesterol that clogs the arteries.

prostarenov Vitamines E and D

The intake of vitamins E and D is very important to protect the prostate from aging, inflammation, and diseases. These two vitamins allow a better cellular regeneration, thus limiting the effects of old age on the body. They also have an antioxidant and stimulating effect on the immune system which, with age, becomes less effective. By strengthening it, they better protect the prostate gland from degeneration and inflammation of all kinds.

Protect your prostate gland from aging and act on inflammation

Vitamin D plays an important role in the prevention of prostate cancer and also in slowing the growth of cancer cells. These two vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the genital system and its long-term protection.

prostarenov Flaxseed

Flaxseed has many health benefits being full of fibre, protein, minerals and nutrients. Their peculiarity is to be rich in lignan, a substance known to bind to hormones and which can counteract the stimulating effects on prostate cancer.

Contribute to the regulation of heartbeat rate by preventing the formation of blood clots

A daily intake of flaxseed is fully involved in the prevention of prostate cancer. Flaxseed also keeps your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol levels.

prostarenov Squash seeds

Squash seeds contain a lot of minerals and also a high concentration of phytosterols and antioxidants. These active ingredients are known to have therapeutic effects on urinary problems.

Lead to the elimination of night urges and strengthen the power of the urinary stream

They reduce and then totally eliminate night urges. In addition, they have an action on the urinary stream, which regains all its strength because the urethra is released while the bladder function is significantly improved.

prostarenov Zinc

Your genital organ is the part of your body that contains the highest concentration of zinc! It needs it in large quantities to function normally. If there is a deficiency, the size of the prostate gland increases, the genital organs shrink, and the strength decreases.

Stimulates sperm production and helps protect your prostate from cancer

Stimulates testosterone production. Then, it protects the prostate from dysfunctions or diseases. It is a good way to prevent cancer, hypertrophy, prostatitis, etc. Zinc also fights harmful enzymes (5 alpha reductase, aromatase) that reduce desire. It is also contributes in maintaining a good amount of testosterone and grants you the strength you had in your early 20s.


Reduce the size of your prostate in just 6 days!

A revolutionary patented process consisting of highly concentrated ingredients

PROSTA-RÉNOV's highly concentrated formula has been patented to ensure maximum safety and guarantee its effectiveness!

For a unique and enhanced result

Its unique concentration of natural ingredients provides a "boosting" effect => accelerates and intensifies the therapeutic effects for amazing results in just six days!


Amazed by the incredible results of PROSTA-RENOV, Francis shared his testimony with us.

« I'm no longer that anxious, worried man, down on my knees. »


A few months ago, I went through a hard time... I had no erections at all... And I didn't know why. I was excited but nothing was happening. I had the feeling that I had lost my manhood. I was always anxious, worried.
I talked to my family doctor who said, "It's age, it's the prostate," and offered me injections or, if things didn't get better, the removal of my prostate. It completely frightened me.
These solutions were a little difficult to hear... That's why I tried PROSTA-RENOV. And, believe me, I did the right thing! The results didn't take long! In just a few days, I regained all my sexual energy!

« Even at 50 I didn't have erections like I do now. »

PROSTA-RENOV has completely changed my sex life! Today, I am 110% sure of myself! Because not only have my erections returned, but they are much better than before! They last a long time, without weakening! It's a pleasure for my partners!

I've never had such a success in my life! I became in a way the "playboy" of these ladies, I who, for months, believed that I had lost all my manhood! Here, the wheel turns and it is thanks to PROSTA-RENOV that today I am a new man, envied by all and loved by all! I never thought that at 65 years of age, I would still be able to achieve such sexual performances. And yet, that's the reality! I am very happy and proud of it!


Don't think I'm a superman. I owe all this to PROSTA-RENOV! It worked for me, it will work for you! Man's honour!

Thank you again for this fabulous treatment!" Francis P.



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