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Do you want to know what the "Santé Optima" formula consists of?
Here are the answers to some of our most common questions


1. How does it work?

When you place an order on our website or by phone with one of our advisors, you can choose our "Santé Optima" package and we will regularly ship the ordered treatment to you as a subscription (depending on the chosen treatment). In addition to the convenience of never having to order again, you will also save time and money!

2. What are the advantages of the "Santé Optima" formula?

By choosing the "Santé Optima" formula, you will benefit from a price reduction of up to 25% depending on the treatment chosen, as well as free delivery. In addition, with the "Santé Optima" program, you'll benefit from your chosen treatment without having any unexpected payments to deal with.

3. If the price of the product changes on the site, does the price I pay for my "Santé Optima" subscription also change?

No, because you are covered by a guarantee on the price of your chosen treatment. Throughout the duration of your subscription your price will not change.

4. How can I cancel my "Santé Optima" subscription?

Simply contact our Customer Service by email at [email protected] or by phone at 01 87 65 00 98 and they will be happy to help you cancel your program.

5. I have an active "Santé Optima" home delivery subscription but I have not received my product yet?

You can check with our Customer Service Department to find out what has happened. Common causes of home delivery interruption include lost parcel, invalid card, product availability and more.

6. Does your company keep my bank details recorded as part of this "Santé Optima" package, since it is uses home delivery?

We confirm that your bank details are directly encrypted (to the maximum standards prescribed by the authorities, i.e. 256 bits if your browser allows it) and routed to our secure payment organisation, HiPay Bank, without even going through our website. The Actiscience Institute - therefore never receives a banking authorization. It is directly managed by the highly secure HiPay platform. Thus, the Actiscience Institute does not store any banking information about you and cannot access it.

7. If I change my credit card, do I have to give you the new details in order to continue to benefit from an existing "Santé Optima" subscription?

If you change your credit card due to expiration or any other reason, your current subscription will be cancelled and you will have to re-register. This is very simple and our advisors are on-hand to help you with your order.



Actiscience treatments are not sold to diagnose, prevent or treat pathologies. If you have an illness, please consult your doctor first. Recommendation: pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under age of 12 and people under medical care shouldn't use nutritional supplements, except for those with a prescription from their regular doctor. For any health problem, we advise you to contact a healthcare professional, for instance in these cases: whenever you wish to modify the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to suspend the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to try another treatment.