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  • Facilitates complete emptying of the bladder
  • Participates in regaining a strong and constant urinary stream
  • Contributes to eliminating night awakenings
  • Fights pain and burning
  • Participates in the return of an active libido

PROSTA-RÉNOV® helps to reduce the volume of your prostate quickly!



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Optimum daily dose and usage tips

Average nutritional values for 2 capsules:

  • • Dried saw palmetto extract: 320mg
  • • Dried nettle extract: 200mg
  • • Dried flaxseed extract: 80mg
  • • Dried pumpkin seeds extract: 40mg
  • • Lycopene: 7mg
  • • Zinc: 9,6mg
  • • Vitamin E: 12mg
  • • Vitamin D: 5mg

✔️Please note, this alternative is not designed nor, should it be used to replace a varied, balanced diet to have a healthy lifestyle.

✔️Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

✔️Do not leave within children's reach.

✔️It is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant and or women who are breastfeeding.

✔️It is not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer (as soya is present).

✔️Store away from light in a dry and clean place.

✔️The batch number is indicated on the box. Best to be consumed before the expiry date indicated on the box.

Suggested use:

  • • Take two capsules morning and evening with food.
  • • Repeatable One-Month program

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This payment method allows you to pay on a 100% secure server.

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Actiscience treatments are not sold to diagnose, prevent or treat pathologies. If you have an illness, please consult your doctor first. Recommendation: pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under age of 12 and people under medical care shouldn't use nutritional supplements, except for those with a prescription from their regular doctor. For any health problem, we advise you to contact a healthcare professional, for instance in these cases: whenever you wish to modify the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to suspend the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to try another treatment.